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SpartanPvP Rules


Season 1


Please follow all the rules to ensure you have the best experience on SpartanPvP. Our staff will be happy to help you as well as maintain the balance between the players and the server. If you see the * on any rule, it is marked as bannable.


Note: The SpartanPvP Rules are not always permanent and may be updated at any time.


General Rules:

  • No inappropriate or any offensive in-game names or skins. *
  • Optifine is an allowed modification on the server and may be used by all players.
  • You may not use alternate accounts to bypass punishments. (Will result in an IP ban)
  • Threatening is not allowed under any circumstance, whether it be to DDoS, Dox, or assault a player, you will be punished.*
  • Encouraging suicide/death threats/self harm threats are not allowed at anytime on the server as they are strictly prohibited. *
  • Do not attempt to mislead other players and provide false information.
  • Do not impersonate staff in any way whatsoever.*


Chat Rules:

  • No spamming,
  • No hate speech (vulgarity, harassment, malicious threats, discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, or doxxing).
  • No advertising or promoting unless approved by staff.
  • No requesting OP
  • Attempt to avoid conversations revolving around religion and politics as they are sensitive topics


Forum Rules:

  • Do not start drama over a thread or any thread in any forums section. If necessary, please take it private message or message a staff member.
  • Do not necropost old threads meaning posting on dead threads that are older than 3 months.
  • Do not make threads in order to insult or hurt another player.
  • No advertising other servers, websites or services in threads or in signatures.
  • No inappropriate signatures.
  • Do not bump threads continuously (at most times, your own thread).


Note: The rules above also apply to the SpartanPvP discord

Gameplay Rules:

  • No unapproved mods, macros, texture packs, clients, or otherwise “hacks”.
  • Xray, movement, and PvP hacks, clients, and other unfair unfair game modifications are completely disallowed.
  • Map or bug exploits are strictly not allowed. If you suspect there may be an issue, report it to a staff member.



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